20 foot Seafreight Loading Chassis

The 20 ft SLC can be used as a single unit inside a 20 foot container or as a pair inside a 40 ft container.  The 20 ft SLC can be customised in many ways including the type of floor as well as the height profile of the chassis.  The chassis can also be fitted with large forklift tyne pockets for the lifting of the chassis when loading on or off trucks. For pictures and details of the 20 ft SLC download the brochure here.

40 foot Seafreight Loading Chassis

The 40 ft SLC is predominately used for long length cargo or where loading flexibility is required for a variety of cargo lengths within the same container.  For example the 40 ft SLC can easily accommodate three packs of 3.6 metres end to end.  The 40 ft SLC is also liftable by Mobile Crane and therefore it offers the opportunity for one lift unloading and transport of difficult cargo without the cost and inconvenience of double handling. For more information download the 40ft SLC brochure here.

Truck loading chassis

Container loading Solutions International (CLSI) now offers a chassis that is designed to assist with the roll on or lift on loading of cargo onto dedicated tray truck for local deliveries around the metropolitan and regional areas.  For more details please download the Truck Loading Chassis brochure here.

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