Our revolutionary Seafreight Loading Chassistm will give your warehouse team the ideal tool to dramatically improve the efficiency of loading & unloading virtually any type of freight.

The speed & efficiency of the system will have a direct impact on your warehouse costs, no longer will you be at the mercy of waiting on equipment to arrive at your loading facility! Preload containerized goods onto the SLC then simply roll it into the container once it arrives.


Solid Steel Construction
The SLC is manufactured of solid steel with 10 heavy duty greased industrial rollers - this solid steel construction allows one SLC to transport over 27 ton of freight. The patented locking mechanisms secure the SLC internally within either your 20 or 40 foot container, hence stopping the cargo from shifting during transport, hence reducing cargo damage during shipping - “it's all about the journey”.

The SLC also comes equipped with it's own heavy duty permanent load bindings, thus not only securing freight moreover avoiding the costs of shrink wrapping & expensive airbags.

No need for Specialized Equipment
For in-gauge cargo the need for special equipment will all be avoided as will requirements for open-top containers, flat-racks, flatbeds & cranes hired purely for (un)loading. Rolling in & out of containers can be achieved simply using a forklift.

Standard & Customized Sizes
The SLC is available in both standard & customized sizes, our engineers can fully customize the size of the SLC to suit your exact requirements.

Simplify your Workflow
Domestic cargo will flow through your discharge centers and crossdock operations with ease, you will not even have to handle the freight! Simply roll the SLC out of the first line-haul truck & directly into the second truck.

Save Time & Money
The Seafreight Loading Chassis SLC meets the demands of all industries. Whether it is the fast-paced demands of the retail industry or the heavy weight of the Metals Industry, the SLC can save you time & money! The SLC has been adapted for use with steel products, piping & irrigation equipment and over-length, especially Military cargo .

Three Year Warranty
While traditional wooden pallets last on average only 1.7 journeys the SLC's solid steel construction will provide years of reliable service, which is why we offer a three year warranty (terms & conditions apply.)

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