CLS-INTERNATIONAL is currently working with many companies around the world across a range of industries. Read through our list of testimonials from existing customers who have all found that the SLCtm has revolutionized their warehouse, freight & logistics teams!

SLC on crane



SLC – container seafreight

Rondo is a large Australian manufacturer of steel products. They have used the SLC to reduce product damage and shipping charges as well as increase their loading productivity, read the full story here.

The SLC lift table

After first using the SLC to reduce long haul freight charges and product damage experienced with traditional rail containers (see above article), Rondo have now introduced the freight chassis to their local truck fleet. CLS and Rondo have developed the SLC lift table that is a fully automated system for loading the loaded chassis into shipping containers and on to standard tray trucks. If you are interested in reading more about how they have improved their employee safety and efficiency using the revolutionary lift table, download the article here.

Stramit Building Products

Stramit is a large manufacturer of steel building products located in Melbourne Australia. They produce purlin and roofing products as well as roller doors. Stramit asked Container Loading Solutions International (CLSI) to produce a customised solution for their roller doors that prevented damage but increased the quantity of rollers doors shipped per container. If you wish to read about how this was done please download the pdf file here.